Top 12 Safari Animals and Where to Find Them

White rhino in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa

Top 12 Safari Animals and Where to Find Them: The word ‘Africa’ is a suggestive one that normally goes inseparably with mental pictures of tremendous savanna fields spotted with intriguing game. Most of abroad guests to Africa will go on safari, and in doing so find that there isn’t anything more mysterious than a nearby experience with the mainland’s staggering natural life. The vast majority of the species one sees on safari are one of a kind to Africa, and a considerable lot of them are quickly unmistakable. In this article, we investigate 12 of the landmass’ most notorious creatures, including those that make up the African Big Five.

1 –  Lion


To see a lion in its regular environment is perhaps the most lowering, great sights an African safari can offer. In any case, while seeing a murder is a definitive prize, you’re bound to see one resting than in dynamic quest for supper. Lions go through as long as 20 hours per day very still, and are generally dynamic at nightfall and sunrise. They are the most social of all wild feline species, living in prides that ordinarily comprise of somewhere in the range of five and 10 grown-up lions. Appallingly, lions are undermined by human extension all through Africa, with specialists forecasting that populaces could fall by as much as five percent in the following 20 years.

Best Places to See Lions: Head to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park on the boundary of South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana; or to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park during the wildebeest movement.

2 – Elephant


There isn’t anything very like the first occasion when you see an African elephant in nature. As the biggest living earthbound creature on Earth, their size alone is overpowering; however numerous guests likewise end up drawn by the elephants’ unmistakable air of intelligence. Elephants are found in a wide assortment of sub-Saharan living spaces, including timberlands, deserts, and savanna. They are herbivorous, preparing as much as 600 pounds of vegetation for each day. Albeit most elephants are tranquil essentially, they can be perilous whenever incited; notwithstanding, they are unquestionably more in danger from people than we are from them.

Best Places to See Elephants: Vast elephant crowds meander Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, and Chobe National Park in Botswana.


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