Tear Stains Under Dog’s Eyes

Tear Stains Under Dog’s Eyes: What They Mean And What You Should Do About Them

Tear Stains Under Dog’s Eyes
White puppy having obvious stains on its eyes caused by eye discharge.

You’ve probably seen dark brown or reddish tear stains under a dog’s eyes and wondered where they come from.

Tear stains appear in certain breeds more often than others, and they can indicate a lot of different things. It’s important that you see a veterinarian or eye specialist if your dog is developing tear stains to determine the cause and possible treatments.

Here’s what you should know about tear stains under the dog’s eyes.

What Are Tear Stains?

What Are Tear Stains?

Tear stains are dim earthy colored or rosy imprints that show up underneath a dog’s eyes. The stains are regularly joined by release, however not generally.

They’re ordinarily more apparent on dogs who have white or gently hued hide.

Epiphora, a condition that comes from extreme tear creation or the powerlessness to appropriately deplete tears, is typically the wellspring of the stains. Epiphora can have an assortment of causes and can be intense or ongoing.

The rosy stains seem when porphyrin, a color found in tears, develops under the eyes. Stains that are tarnished or rust-shaded might be the aftereffect of a yeast disease on the skin under the eyes that can flourish due to the steady dampness from tears expanding upon the skin.

Since the reasons for epiphora can shift, it’s significant that you see a vet or subject matter expert.


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